Hello and welcome to my fan site about Lifetime Kayaks (Dragonfly Innovations).

The reason for the creation of this blog was to pass on information such as accessories available, reviews, video links and information from others for those that have purchased a kayak already or those thinking of purchasing one in the future.

I purchased a Dragonfly Innovations Kayak around January of 2010. The model I chose is known here in Australia as the Dragonfly Angler 3.0. The same kayak under a different name can be purchased here in Australia and the United States called the Dragonfly Sport Fisher or Manta (now known as Lifetime Sport Fisher and manta).

Some of the reasons I purchased this kayak is that it suits my abilities as a beginner to the kayak scene needing a stable platform to fish from or just to enjoy a day on the water with my wife and daughter. It more than suited both these tasks.

Another factor in my decision to purchase this kayak was to upgrade it with the sailing kit and motor mount accessories that have been a long time coming.

In the future I will provide some photos, an in depth review of my experiences using the Angler 3.0 and some more information on the accessories.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Kayak Review Lifetime Dragonfly Innovations Manta Sport Fisher or BCF Angler 3.0 Kayak

Model: Lifetime / Dragonfly Innovations Manta Sport Fisher aka BCF Angler 3.0 
Price: $499.00AUD - $699.00AUD
Score: 4 out of 5
Reviewed by: Aussie Survivalist

I bought one of these sit on top kayaks from BCF and thought I would do a quick review.

Let me start out by saying that it's no top of the line kayak but for the price paid I was really impressed. It has excellent initial stability and is virtually impossible to tip when in a seated position. The kayak is designed to carry 1-2 adults and a child for general recreational purposes, a task it performs in a more than adequate fashion.

It's also a fishing kayak when used for a single person seated in the middle seat area. This is the main purpose that I purchased the kayak for. I have only taken it out on a few occasions so far but I can tell you that I am really impressed. With the addition of a deluxe kayak seat it was very comfortable indeed.
The quality of the plastic moulding seems ok and as yet have nothing negative to report regarding quality of build.

Tracking could be a little better but this will soon be sorted out with the addition of a rudder system that I discuss further below.

Information is hard to come by on the net for this product because it is marketed under different names depending on who is selling it. They are designed by Dragonfly Innovation and some information on the various models and additions can be seen at the following website: http://secure.kanu-gatz.de/downloads/82/Lifetime_Kayak_Catalog_k.pdf

BCF get theres from some company in Melbourne while Rays Outdoors sell some of the Dragonfly products as well. To make it all the more confusing, Roman (the sleeping bag people) are the official distributor to Australia as seen at a trade show last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thodsSV1ktQ

The Dragonfly Innovations website lists a number of upgrades that will be available in the future.
  • Manta Sail Kit with rudder and dagger boards
  • Motor mount system for attaching an electric trolling motor
  • Kayak trolley specifically designed for the Manta series kayaks
  • Tackle table
Overall I am pleased with my purchase and looking forward to trying some of the upgrade components when they become available.

Thankyou to Aussie Survivalist from http://www.aussiesurvivalist.spruz.com/ for permission to use his review.



  1. I'm looking at the Manta Lifetime which seems to have the same hull as the fishing boat. You said "tracking could be a little better." Can you elaborate on the tracking? The short length of the kayak makes me worry that it could be pretty squirrely, having to correct my direction with every few strokes.

  2. The Manta is the same kayak but without the rod holders.

    Tracking refers to the ability of a kayak to move in a straight direction. A kayak that "tracks" well is a more efficient kayak to paddle. A kayak rudder also helps with a kayak's tracking ability.

    I found that having to make corrections with the paddle to keep a straight line became less over time as I became more familiar with the kayak.

    Generally, longer kayaks tend to track better and as such the shorther Manta and Sport Fisher kayaks do not perform as well as a 12 or 14 ft craft.

  3. I live in Oahu Hawaii, and picked up a manta 2.5 tandem at sports authority. I took the kayak out alone, in tandem, and with 3 adults totaling about 465lbs.
    Solo, the kayak was stable tracked ok, but was difficult to get going "fast" due to the flat bottom. In tandem, it was super stable, and maneuvers (tracks) much better, with lots of extra space on board for trips to sandbars or reef islands.
    With three adults(we were exceeding the weight capacity by 15 lbs) the Kayak actually was really stable until getting into rough water. With 2 foot swells we had to make sure we did not end up parallel with the waves to keep us upright, but I was extremely impressed with the ability to maneuver this thing even when moving through rough water at a rapid pace and while overloaded.
    Over all I believe this is an excellent buy. A solo or 2 man ocean kayak in my area costs about $200-$300 dollars more than what I payed for the manta 2.5. I also like that it is about 4 feet shorter than the most tandem ocean kayaks .
    I do intend to fill several gallons of water in the kayak to get the hull to ride a little lower in the water for solo use to see if it makes it the ride I was accustomed to (tracking) with the ocean kayaks. Overall The size makes it easier to transport, and the stability is good for taking inexperienced friends out for fun.
    Sorry for any Typos,
    James in Hawaii

  4. Any new updates on a rudder for the yak?

    1. Hi Dorian, it's not looking good for the rudder and sail kit as an option for this series of kayaks.

      I have asked Lifetime on several occasions for an update but it appears newer staff do not even realise this was an option originally offered when Dragonfly msnufactured these kayaks.


  5. That's a shame about the sail kit! Thanks for blogging, Nick.